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NEW definition of loyalty

Providing conceptually new services to your customer like redeem, transact and swap loyalty points brings the definition of 'loyalty' to the conceptually new level.


Since all the transactions are stored within the Blockchain, LoyalGarden provides a list of convinient tools for better customer analytics. Who is it, your stranger customer?

SWAP with no middleman

With LoyalGarden there is no need in 'trusted' party to be an intermediary in the exchange operations. Blockchain solves it 'per se' as highly distributed network around the globe.


Didn't you know that 'loyalty' is one of a few industries to be disrupted by Blockchain over the next few years? LoyalGarden is just the first and the most sofisticated solution.

But how exactly it works?


The answer is rather simple - yes. Currently loyalty and rewards programs do not realise full potential due to account inactivity, low redemption rates and time delays. At the moment only 42 percent of those eligible for loyalty programs are active members. Why? We believe it's just not straightforward enough - to use what you've earned.

From the businesses side, the situation is not much better - unclaimed rewards are accounted for as liabilities on company balance sheets.


The solution is to integrate disparate programs into an interlinked loyalty network. Such collaboration is not that easy due to the inconsistent infrastructure over the program's providers. Also collaboration usually means introducing intermediaries that heighten the risk of leaking information while adding more layers of management and operational costs.

We at LoyalGarden believe that blockchain, as distributed ledger with a fundamentally new way to transact and maintain records in a secure and trustful network, will eliminate those inefficiencies.


In our view we see loyal clients making in a matter of seconds:
- gain the points into the centralised wallet
- gifts to their friends
- exchanges between programs once needed
- sell/buy with their IBAN
All at your fingertips, 100 percent use.


In Blockchain each transaction and its record easily traceable with prevention of double spending, fraud, abuse, and any other type of manipulation. In short, loyalty programs stored in blockchain not only tougher to hack, but also have the ability to provide security on multiple levels that were not possible previously. First, all points are tokenized, which gives them unique identities that are extremely difficult to counterfeit. Second, to access or corrupt information recorded on a blockchain, thousands of its nodes must be hacked at the same time.
Scaling and handling of thousands and millions of loyalty rewards transactions - LoyalGarden powered by blockchain is at your service.


- LoyalGarden's traffic runs entirely over the encrypted SSL/HTTPS
- program wallets and their private keys are stored using AES-256 encryption
- we apply filters to prevent Cross Site Scripting, CSRF attacks, insecure direct object references
- user's passwords are bcrypted with a cost factor of 12 and locked upon a number of unsuccessful login attempts.


We at LoyalGarden do not store any user credendtials or private information of anyone. All users are totally anonymous and identified by hash keys only. Personal information is not stored in the Blockchain either, but each user gets unique address in the Blockchain that is used for balance transactions.



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Early bird program'S GOT 6 month of free service including

  • Getting an access to the LoyalGarden secured REST API
  • Issuing of individual Blockchain cryptocurrency that reflects custom loyalty rewards points
  • Benefitting from usage of LoyalGarden services either from the LoyalGarden solution or right from your Web interface
  • Handling of loyalty points transactions, processing and storing them into Blockchain in decentralized secured way

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Kiril Ivanov


Emanuel Noblet


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